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Names, Person, & Work of Christ 
~ Keith Ekberg                        50 Programs 

A study of the person and work of Christ



The Epistle of James
~ Keith Ekberg                        21 Programs

A study of the Epistle of James


Christmas Series
~ Keith Ekberg                          3 Programs

A Christmas Series

The Epistles of John
~ Keith Ekberg                        53 Programs

A study of the Epistles of the apostle John

The Epistle of Jude
~ Keith Ekberg                         20 Programs

A study of the Epistle of Jude

The Names of God in the Old Testament
~ Keith Ekberg                        70 Programs

Our goal in this study of the names of God is to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of the God of the Holy Scriptures. The names to be studied will come from the Old Testament Scriptures.

Heaven & Hell
~ Keith Ekberg                       30 Programs

One of the most enjoyable subjects through out the history of mankind is the subject of Heaven. Men have discussed, debated, and written much concerning Heaven, its description, and who will enter in through its pearly gates. Men’s views and opinions of Heaven are endless, but the views or opinions of men do not matter, because Heaven is God’s dwelling place.

The Seven Feasts of the Lord
~ Keith Ekberg                       40 Programs

Our goal by studying the seven feasts of the LORD is to gain a greater understanding of God’s deliverance and redemption of the people of Israel, and ultimately, of all mankind who turn to Him.

The Seven Judgements of God
~ Keith Ekberg                      72 Programs

The world of today may ask, “Why address the subject of the judgments of God, when He is a God of love, not judgment?” This is a question that needs to be answered using the Bible as our source, rather than our emotions or mere traditions

The Miracles of Our Lord
~ Keith Ekberg                    125 Programs

A study of miracles that have occurred in the Bible

~ Keith Ekberg                      15 Programs

A study of the sacrament of baptism

1 Peter
~ Keith Ekberg                    195 Programs

A study of the book of First Peter

2 Peter
~ Keith Ekberg                      65 Programs

A study of the book of Second Peter

~ Keith Ekberg                      56 Programs

A study of the doctrine of salvation


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